Attention #Texans – @GovernorPerry Needs Your Input on Budget, CSCOPE

Texas Governor Rick Perry needs to hear from you regarding these issues and more.

Please urge the governor to rein in the 83 Legislature’s rampant over-spending.

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Stand Up for Liberty!

An important message from JoAnn Fleming:

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the GOP-controlled Texas legislature passed appropriation bills and a 2014-2015 budget that combine to increase spending 26%!
Major conservative and local grassroots liberty groups have united and are calling on Governor Perry to veto the budget and a major supplemental spending bill that raids the state’s Rainy Day Fund - HB 1025.    The groups are calling on the Governor to bring the legislators back to a special session to cut spending.
Call Gov. Perry now to say:
1) you don’t support a 26% increase in spending.  In the 2012 Republican Primary, 94% of voters voted for the Proposition that called for government to cut spending! (The 26% spending increase covers all the new appropriations bills AND the budget, when combined and compared to last session. These numbers have been verified by Texas Public Policy Foundation and Grassroots America.)
2) veto HB 1025 which raids the Rainy Day Fund and the budget (SB 1);
3) bring the legislature back to the drawing board to cut spending and fully fund your proposed tax cut of $1.8 billion.  Texans don’t need, don’t want, and don’t deserve wild, liberal spending like this!  Governor Perry has the power to stop it, and he should!
Gov. Perry’s numbers:  (512) 463-2000  and (512) 463-1782 and (800) 843-5789
[Online form for written feedback:]
Call now!  The Governor is signing bills as we speak.

Fight for a Strong Texas…Speak UP!


It has also come to light that the CSCOPE curriculum has not been defeated in it’s entirety.

CSCOPE Is Not Gone

So did you notice… The political maneuvering in the Texas Legislature over CSCOPE?

Please urge support for HB 760 and SB 1406

Please urge Governor Perry to VETO H.B. No. 1675

HB 1675 contains a back door provision to keep the Regional Education Service Centers until 2019 (See Article 3).

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