Southeast Texas Politics Just Got More Interesting

A note I received regarding the race for Texas State Representative D21:

Hello Everyone,

Early voting is already over half-way over. With Battleground Texas working this election on behalf of the progressives/Democrats very diligently it means we must do all we can to get our conservative family, friends, and neighbors unless we want the folks who want to ‘turn Texas blue’ to succeed…


Tonight I got word from a trusted source that the Texas HD21 race, which one of our members – Judy Nichols – is running in, is very important. Judy’s opponent voted in District 22 where he lived in the November 5th Constitutional Amendment election. The Democrat Chairman knows this and has communicated to my source that we will be giving them the seat if Dade Phelan wins this primary.

In short – Mr. Phelan isn’t eligible to serve as representative for HD21, but he has been spending so much money that he is running neck and neck with Judy.

On Sunday I received a call from TX Parent PAC which was full of baldfaced lies. Here is a recording of the call:

After I did some reasearch into this PAC I learned that this PAC has supported Thomas – CSCOPE – Ratcliff, and has given Wendy -Abortion Barbie – Davis $53,300 so far this cycle!!!


So we have BOLD lies being spread over the phone in support of Judy’s opponent by a group that support mainly Democrats, including Wendy Davis and one of the biggest names in the CSCOPE ‘scandal’.
Not only that, like many fake ‘conservatives’ this cycle have worked to deceive voters by purchasing ‘endorsements’ from other fake conservatives. No doubt you have revived mail featuring these ‘endorsements’ like many of our TEA Party members. Here are a couple of reports on the ‘pay to play’ endorsement fraud:


What can you do? You can make sure that everyone you know gets a copy of this note, and ask them to make sure they get to the polls to vote. You can also volunteer to make phone-calls on behalf of any candidate you choose to help combat the well-organized Battleground Texas forces; and of course you can donate funds to the candidates you support. Please engage in this battle and fight to win! Folks like us are the majority in Texas but we are not the majority of those involved in working to get those we support elected.

We don’t need any more RINO’s in Austin, or any Democrats who are running as ‘conservative’ Republicans to get elected with important issues that will directly affect our families like CSCOPE and illegal immigration!

All we need to to do beat back the RINO’s who are trying to deceive us is to spread the word and get folks to the polls. Please help!

You can learn more about Judy Nichols here.

#Texas #Amnesty Push Happening Now – Your Help is Needed

A trusted source within the Tea Party just alerted me of an ongoing attempt to push at least one Texas congressman toward a pro-amnesty position. Please make time to call your representatives and urge them to oppose any legislation remotely pro-amnesty.

Here is the message:

Hey I just got a call – there is an organized effort to call Randy Weber’s office in favor of amnesty! apparently these are elderly people and my source told me they they are being coached from the background and do not seem to know what they are talking about. Some of the calls are even coming from San Antonio!! I would guess this isn’t only happening in Texas…. We need to sound the alarm and start melting Randy’s phone and every other person in the Texas congressional delegation!! Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word

What if Texas had a Constitutional Election and No-one Voted?


Welcome to the Texas Constitutional Amendment Election of 2013, where apathy is large and in charge and early voting turnout is almost non-existent. So why the low turnout? Probably because there are no local issues included on many ballots across the state. As one analyst put it, in off cycle years, people vote local. As such they tend to let the larger issues be decided by the most active voters, which unfortunately doesn’t always translate to the smartest or most well-informed.

So to help you make a more informed decision, here is a link to the North Texas Tea Party article offering information on the amendments.

Personally, I think they are all NO votes – especially Prop 6 which would hand more control to the government over a natural resource, create more bureaucracy and more debt – but be your own judge.

North Texas Tea Party – The State Constitutional Amendments

From the Texas Legislature Council: Analyses of Proposed Constitutional Amendments November 5, 2013, Election

Strange how there were very few negative comments included in the council’s analysis. Actually, not so strange considering the source is the people who authored the amendments.



Texas GOP Poll: Tea Party challenger beats Cornyn 46% to 33% | Human Events


A generic “Tea Party” candidate beats Sen. John Cornyn III  (R.-Texas) a Oct. 26 Human Events/Gravis poll of Republican voters in Texas 46 percent to 33 percent for the GOP’s number two senator.

The poll clearly shows Cornyn is trouble, especially when you see that in the poll Sen. R. Edward Cruz (R.-Texas) has a job approval rating of 73 percent among Republicans and Cornyn 46 percent, said the pollster Doug Kaplan, who founded Gravis Marketing in 2010 and whose polls were included in the Real Clear Politics basket of polls during the 2012 campaign.

The Republican primary is March 4. The day for candidates to file for the primary is Nov. 9 with a Dec. 9 filing deadline.

In head-to-head questions the only named individual who beat Cornynwas former Republican congressman Ronald D. Paul, who beat Cornyn 44 percent to 34 percent, but that could be a function of name recognition, Kaplan said.

“From the results of this poll, a lesser-known candidate could close the gap by embracing the Tea Party label,” he said.

More @ Texas GOP Poll: Tea Party challenger beats Cornyn 46% to 33% | Human Events.

Texans Push Republicans for Vote on Independence



The Texas Nationalist Movement is calling for a referendum vote on Texas independence to be included on the Republican primary ballot.



From TNM:

Texans Push For Vote On Independence In March 2014


The Texas Nationalist Movement is working to give Texas Republicans the right to cast a ballot in favor of re-establishing Texas as an independent republic via the petition process defined in Texas election law. Response from all over the state has been extremely positive with block-walkers reporting receiving signatures from as high as 80% of the registered Republicans they reached in their canvassing using the voter registration
lists provided by each county.


The Petition states: “I know that the purpose of this petition is to place a referendum on the 2014 primary ballot for the REPUBLICAN PARTY that states: ‘The State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation. FOR OR AGAINST’…”


Volunteers for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) have been circulating this petition statewide since mid-August and have received a welcome reception from Texans from all walks of life at political events, festivals, parks, and gun shows.


The TNM has county organizations in over 40 counties covering nearly 70% of the population of Texas but due to unsolicited inquiries from people all over the State on Facebook , e-mail, and via telephone calls the TNM is letting Texans everywhere know that it will work with the county Republican organizations statewide to hold petition signing events to accommodate those living in areas which do not yet have a TNM county affiliate.


“Just reach-out to you local Republican Party organization and let them know you want them to set-up a petition signing event and the Texas Nationalist Movement will work with them to accommodate Texas voters in your area,” said Cary Wise, the TNM Executive Director.


“From the response we are seeing Texas Republicans will have the opportunity to instruct the Republican Party that they want them working to achieve Texas independence,” Mr. Wise said.

Freshman State Rep. Exposes Establishment Influence Tactics [video]

Jonathan Stickland, Texas State Rep. from D-92, speaks at Tarrant County Tea Party about the pressures placed on freshmen representatives to compromise their conservative values.

Empower Texans gives Rep. Stickland the highest fiscal responsibility rating for the 2013 session.

Thank you Rep. Stickland for standing strong.

Cornyn Challenger, Dwayne Stovall on the Role of US Senator, Illegal Immigration and More [video]

Finally! Someone who understands the role of US Senator as originally designed  is to represent the sovereign states. (The Seventeenth Amendment effectively joined both houses by removing the ability of the states to select senators from their respective legislatures.)

Senatorial candidate Dwayne Stovall addresses the the role of senator, illegal immigration and more in this interview on KBMT 12.


To sign the petition, contact Dwayne at  Texans for Stovall.

Or through his Facebook page.

Anti-Abortion Texans #Stand4Life in Austin


Protestors gather around the Texas capitol.

The Texas Legislature was called back this week by Governor Rick Perry for a second Special Session. Many pro-life legislators are attempting to restrict abortions to 5 months (20 weeks) or less by passing HB2, once called the “Women’s Late-Term Pregnancy Health Act.” (Bill text here.) The first attempt to vote on the bill was filibustered by Senator Wendy Davis and disrupted by shouting protesters during the last minutes of the first session.

One struggles to find words to adequately describe those who so vehemently argue for the killing of unborn babies: ignorant, despicable, selfish, murderous, evil – all words that readily come to mind to when considering the group that resemble a death cult surrounding the pro-abortion set. A cult that has grown due to the Supreme Court ruling known as Roe vs Wade. That one piece of unconstitutional judicial activism has allowed the deaths of over 4000% (four thousand percent) more Americans than those killed in all of America’s wars combined.

The terrible tragedy of the situation is that we must have the conversation at all. How did a people once so willing to fight for another’s  life and liberty they would sail across oceans and give their own lives to defend others’ become so eager to snuff out an innocent’s life for convenience or so-called “humanity towards the child” – forgive me if I fail to see the logic or compassion in that particular argument.

One thing I saw on Facebook yesterday illuminated very well the difference between the two camps:

I have spent the last few hours talking with a young woman named Amanda standing here at the rally in a orange dress. Yelling for her rights. She and I had a very calm rational conversation about life and the Lord. I know I gave her some very hard things to think about and she asked me to pray for her that she has wisdom to know if the Lord is real. Please pray for her with me. ‎#stand4life‎ #Hb2

Please pray for Amanda and all of those at he capitol that the Lord may reveal his will and they should act accordingly.

If you are on Twitter you can use the hashtag #Stand4Life to show your support.

Here are a few articles related to the battle for life raging in Austin at this very moment.

Matt Walsh nails the filibuster queen with a smackdown of epic proportions; unless you are in the habit of ignoring the blatantly obvious. HT Chicks on the Right


An Open Letter to Wendy Davis

An exerpt:

What a heroic performance it was. You were like Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa and Harriet Tubman, all rolled into one. Except they stood for courage, righteousness, truth, peace, and love, while you stood for the billion dollar abortion industry. They protected and defended life, while you protected and defended your right to destroy life. They faced grave danger, you face the adulation, admiration and campaign donations of the media, Hollywood, the president, pop culture, the abortion lobby and millions of Americans. The parallels are striking.


That’s why I’m writing to say “job well done.” In the midst of literally no adversity, you rose up and voiced an opinion that was sure to make you popular amongst the most powerful people in the country. How did you ever muster the courage? And let us not forget the content of your profoundly important message: That abortion clinics should not be regulated and the health and safety of its patients should not be ensured! Amen! Huzzah! So a few women die here and there due to extreme negligence and profit driven exploitation, big deal. We care about your reproductive rights, not your right to not be mutilated, injured, infected, or killed by quacks who flunked out of all legitimate medical fields and decided to perform abortions instead. This bill would have brought abortion enterprises up to snuff with every other facet of the medical industry, and required clinics to match the same standards that all other outpatient medical facilities are forced to adhere to — and that is just unacceptable….

Be sure to read the whole gloriously scathing thing. An Open Letter to Wendy Davis

Also from CotR: Wendy Davis Is Offended By The Truth, Everyone. Just FYI.

Also related:

Very SICK: Liberals have children hold pro-abortion signs with coat hangers on them

Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis Backers Tell Legislator “I Hope Your Daughter’s Raped”

Pro-Aborts Chant ‘Hail Satan!’ At Texas State Capitol As Pro-Lifers Sing ‘Amazing Grace’

Woman 20 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Has Abortion Last Week

Caption this: Wendy Davis pretends to care what a child says

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis: Murderer in Chief

Pro-Life Action Alert: Texas Right to Life

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus Publicly Attacks Gov. Perry and Supports Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis



US Senate candidate Dwayne Stovall has a rather novel approach by todays standards, a return to Federalism. (WHAT?! The Constittution? THAT old thing? – snarc)

From his Facebook page:

What took place in the Texas Senate over abortion should wake up every Texan that understands liberty and the unalienable right to life. In this day and age we have declined to the point that individuals are arguing over whether they have a “right” to MURDER an unborn child after the 5th month of a pregnancy!


I don’t care whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, or unaffiliated; if you believe in liberty, you must believe the unborn have a right not to be killed. Life is precious!


I can’t discuss this matter without bringing up the elephant in the room:


The Federal Government has no authority under the Constitution of the United States to involve itself in this matter –NONE. The SCOTUS is not –NOT– the final arbiter of all things everywhere, and no matter what they tell us, they are limited to only those things pursuant to the Constitution! Everything else –EVERYTHING ELSE– falls to the expansive powers of the states.


Until we deal with the unconstitutional overreach of power by the Federal Government, which has been driven primarily by the 20th century Supreme Court abomination known as the “incorporation doctrine”, we will continue to destroy the Constitution and lose what is left of our sovereignty as an independent state.


We must –MUST– deal with this now. The Constitution of the United States created a Republic based in federalism, republicanism, and limited government, in which the powers not expressly delegated to it by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. We simply cannot continue this decline into Nationalism and socialism. It will destroy this country…if it hasn’t already.




Cornyn Challenger Dwayne Stovall to Speak in Beaumont Monday

Southeast Texas Tea Party is hosting guest speaker, Dwayne Stovall, a Texas businessman who is ramping-up a US Senate run against John Cornyn.

The event is scheduled for Monday, June 22, 6:00 pm at Trinity Church in Beaumont, TX. (See below for directions.)

Dwayne Stovall with 'The Texian' a sculpture by Craig Campobella.

Dwayne Stovall with ‘The Texian’ a sculpture by Craig Campobella. http://www.craigcampobella.com/portfolio/the-texian

From the SETX Tea Party Facebook page:

Dwayne Stovall, will share his vision for representing Texas in the US Senate. Dwayne asks:


Do you want to restore the Constitution of the United States as written and amended?


Do you believe the Federal Government consistently works outside the limits placed on it by the Constitution?


Do you see how the United States of America, which the Constitution created as a Republic based in federalism, has declined into a Nation based in socialism?


Dwayne will give a talk and answer audience questions.


More about Dwayne: http://www.texansforstovall.com/


Everyone is welcome!


Trinity Church

10 IH 10 N, Beaumont, Texas 77702

View Map · Get Directions

More about Dwayne: http://www.texansforstovall.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Texans-For-Stovall/155741434543722

Twitter: @PuttingTexas1st

Attention #Texans – @GovernorPerry Needs Your Input on Budget, CSCOPE

Texas Governor Rick Perry needs to hear from you regarding these issues and more.

Please urge the governor to rein in the 83 Legislature’s rampant over-spending.

Action items via:


Stand Up for Liberty!

An important message from JoAnn Fleming:

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the GOP-controlled Texas legislature passed appropriation bills and a 2014-2015 budget that combine to increase spending 26%!
Major conservative and local grassroots liberty groups have united and are calling on Governor Perry to veto the budget and a major supplemental spending bill that raids the state’s Rainy Day Fund - HB 1025.    The groups are calling on the Governor to bring the legislators back to a special session to cut spending.
Call Gov. Perry now to say:
1) you don’t support a 26% increase in spending.  In the 2012 Republican Primary, 94% of voters voted for the Proposition that called for government to cut spending! (The 26% spending increase covers all the new appropriations bills AND the budget, when combined and compared to last session. These numbers have been verified by Texas Public Policy Foundation and Grassroots America.)
2) veto HB 1025 which raids the Rainy Day Fund and the budget (SB 1);
3) bring the legislature back to the drawing board to cut spending and fully fund your proposed tax cut of $1.8 billion.  Texans don’t need, don’t want, and don’t deserve wild, liberal spending like this!  Governor Perry has the power to stop it, and he should!
Gov. Perry’s numbers:  (512) 463-2000  and (512) 463-1782 and (800) 843-5789
[Online form for written feedback: http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/assistance.aspx]
Call now!  The Governor is signing bills as we speak.

Fight for a Strong Texas…Speak UP!


It has also come to light that the CSCOPE curriculum has not been defeated in it’s entirety.

CSCOPE Is Not Gone

So did you notice… The political maneuvering in the Texas Legislature over CSCOPE?

Please urge support for HB 760 and SB 1406

Please urge Governor Perry to VETO H.B. No. 1675

HB 1675 contains a back door provision to keep the Regional Education Service Centers until 2019 (See Article 3).

See also:

Common Core Nationalizes and Dumbs Down Public School Curriculum

Join the Fight Against Common Core

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