Gunboats Seen Patrolling in Eden Isles, Louisiana

What gives?
Anyone have information on this?

Spot Report: Gunboats, unmarked, fully equipped patrolling in Eden Isles or doing maneuvers?

This is taking place in the canals around Slidell, Louisiana. These are military gun boats. No one has seen this in this area before.

via Gunboats Seen Patrolling in Eden Isles, Louisiana – From the Trenches World Report

World Gone Mad [video]

In this edition of Afterburner, Bill Whittle asks the burning question: How much will a people endure before they rise up and stop the madness?

Quit a lot, apparently.

Freshman State Rep. Exposes Establishment Influence Tactics [video]

Jonathan Stickland, Texas State Rep. from D-92, speaks at Tarrant County Tea Party about the pressures placed on freshmen representatives to compromise their conservative values.

Empower Texans gives Rep. Stickland the highest fiscal responsibility rating for the 2013 session.

Thank you Rep. Stickland for standing strong.

Cornyn Challenger, Dwayne Stovall on the Role of US Senator, Illegal Immigration and More [video]

Finally! Someone who understands the role of US Senator as originally designed  is to represent the sovereign states. (The Seventeenth Amendment effectively joined both houses by removing the ability of the states to select senators from their respective legislatures.)

Senatorial candidate Dwayne Stovall addresses the the role of senator, illegal immigration and more in this interview on KBMT 12.


To sign the petition, contact Dwayne at  Texans for Stovall.

Or through his Facebook page.

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Don’t give weapons to people who want to kill us” [video]

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is on fire!

#Benghazi Whistleblowers: “Yes. It Matters.”

Top 10 facts we learned in the Benghazi Hearings – via @LittleMsLiberty

  1. Two “stand-down” orders were given while the #Benghazi attacks were in progress.

  2. The “protest” about a YouTube video was a complete fabrication by the Obama administration.

  3. Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s lawyer at the State Department, told witnesses not to speak to House investigators.

  4. The diplomatic personnel on the ground acted with incredible, unheralded heroism.

  5. Democrats came to rebut the eyewitnesses with talking points.

  6. Democrats kept bringing up Funding for the Embassies, Cummings, Maloney, Connolly, 149 Total voted to Cut Funding.

  7. 18 Days till the FBI could get to the Crime Scene.

  8. Aircraft over Libya would have been granted permission to fly and no one asked.

  9. Ambassador Stevens Called Mr. Hicks and Said they were UNDER ATTACK!


From Doug Ross –

DAMNING: The Complete Benghazi Timeline in Spreadsheet Format

While you’re checking the timeline, you can watch this  playlist of some of the most compelling testimony from the hearings. I may add more if they come available. Alternately,I think the entire video is up at CSPAN3.


Texas Representative Steve Stockman garnered the illustrious “Fun Tweeter of the Day” award at Bluegrass Pundit, possibly due to this tweet:

See more Stockman tweets at:

Fun Tweeter of the Day: Rep. Steve Stockman (@SteveWorks4You)

Speaking of Twitter, there was a ton of commentary being flung around on the Tweetosphere as the hearings progressed. Doug Ross compiled a few. Here’s one of my favorites:

Read more at Doug’s place:

15 Stunning Tweets From Today’s #Benghazi Whistleblower Testimony

Michelle Malkin warns: 

Operation Smear Benghazi Whistleblowers

Also,  A.F. Branco has posted a roundup of his previous cartoons on the Benghazi debacle:


Pay No Attention to the Tyrant Behind the Curtain

In this latest PJ TV Trifecta, Bill Whittle, Steve Green and Scott Ott respond to Obama’s assertion that we should ignore those who urge vigilance against tyranny.

NRA 2013 Annual Meetings in Houston, Texas – Speeches from Sarah Palin, Taya Kyle, Ted Cruz, John Bolton, Rick Perry and more [video]

The NRA is holding its annual convention in Houston, Texas this weekend. Here is a playlist including a few notable speeches from Friday.

Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin, Ambassador John Bolton, TX Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, NRA CEO and EVP Wayne LaPierre, Mark Levin and wife of slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle – Taya Kyle.

Click on the playlist button at the bottom of the video frame to switch between speeches.

The convention can be seen live at

What Texans Should Know about Agenda 21 – Videos from Cathie Adams & Lord Christopher Monckton

This past Monday, my local Tea Party chapter hosted a presentation on Agenda 21 given by Cathie Adams, Texas Eagle Forum President. Mrs. Adams was gracious enough to allow us to tape the presentation and post it for those who were unable to attend. In the talk, she explains how the U.N. and certain world leaders are using false information like so-called “Climate Change” and pushing nonsensical terms like  “Social Justice” to accumulate more power and in turn, control the countries and people of the world.

Please watch.



Since Mrs. Adams mentioned Lord Christopher Monckton in her presentation, this seems like a good time to post this video in which he debunks the Global Warming scam before the California Legislature.


TX AG Abbott Vows No Gun Control in Texas


Much like anything else the Obama administration does, the obfuscation and misdirection on gun control continues unabated among other disturbing anti-Second Amendment fanaticism. Even though Senator Feinstein’s gun grabbing amendment fell by the wayside, the push for background checks for purchases and transfers between private citizens moves forward, pushed by the leftist media as a rational reaction to uncontrollable insanity. These calls for more restrictions on law abiding citizens, in the view of this commentator, are the true examples of insanity at best and a prelude to registration, confiscation and despotism at worst as not-so-subtly hinted at recently by El Vice Presidente’ Biden.

Big Jolly Politics reports, via Breitbart:

On March 28th, 2013 Vice President Joe Biden told the coalition “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”  that:


“and lastly, but not least, the Assault Weapons ban and the limitation on the size of magazines,      let me say this as clearly as I can: this is just the beginning…”


Houston’s Mayor Parker is a member of the firearm-grabbing coalition “Mayors Against Illegal Guns“.  How does Mayor Parker define “illegal guns”? In the mind of Progressives, the definition is a firearm owned by the 99 Percent of law-abiding, legal firearms owners (Progressives, Hollywood-types & their bodyguards are exempted from this definition, of course).


Luckily (sarc), the UN has stepped in with an attempt to sideswipe the Second Amendment debate here in the US with its own Gun Grabbing – Arms Control Treaty masquerading as a Gun Grabbing – Arms Control Treaty which, incidentally has the full support of none other than Obama admin and former Sec. State Hillary Clinton.

I feel so much better with that knowledge. (more sarc)

Thankfully, we Texans have an advocate by the name of Attorney General Greg Abbott:

I was on FOX News today talking about the UN Arms Trade Treaty. If the President continues to support this threat to our liberties, TEXAS WILL LEAD THE CHARGE to overturn the treaty. Stand with me – sign my letter to Pres. Obama!

Additionally, via AG Abbott on his Facebook page:

Pres. Obama said he will use 23 Executive Orders to force his gun control measures. I will fight them all to protect OUR 2nd Amendment Right! Stand with me by signing today!

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