If Waterboarding is Torture, What Should We Call This?

A recent report by the DC Caller claims the quite moderate and highly evolved Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is operating it’s very own torture chamber. And according to some gruesome descriptions there’s a lot more going on behind those walls than waterboarding.

A (Muslim) Brotherhood of torturers  — The New York Times’ favorite moderate Egyptian “political” organization apparently runs its own torture chambers, reports TheDC’s Gregg Re:



“The Muslim Brotherhood operates a carefully controlled network of torture chambers designed to violently dehumanize opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, according to a journalist who exclusively toured the facilities this week. Mohamad Jarehi, writing for the privately owned Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, described imposing iron barriers and armed government guards who stand watch in front of the Brotherhood’s central torture facility, which is located in the Egyptian suburb of Heliopolis. … Jarehi claimed to have observed numerous detainees in dire physical condition: Some were unable to speak, while others were covered in blood. Few, Jarehi claimed, received any form of medical assistance during their stay in the torture chamber.”



Remember what the NYTimes’ David Kirkpatrick said of the Muslim Brotherhood last week? That the organization is a “moderate, regular old political force.” Yes, just like the Democratic and Republican parties in America, with the small exception that Repubs and Dems don’t run their own torture chambers (unless you, understandably, consider their national conventions torture). Also, not sure that either Repubs or Dems want to turn America into a theocracy. Other than that and perhaps a few dozen other things, American political parties and the Muslim Brotherhood are virtually undistinguishable.

Be sure to read the whole thing: Egyptian journalist tours brutal Muslim Brotherhood torture facility

Will Obama withdraw his support for President Morsi in light of these new discoveries? Or will his definition of torture merely evolve? My guess is, he’ll choose to ignore the issue altogether. If the main stream press doesn’t report the Muslim Brotherhood is torturing dissenters, apparently, it’s not happening. Never mind a little blood in the streets. Nothing to see here citizen. Move along. Move along.

Understanding Benghazi – Essential Reading and Videos

As we try to piece together the people, timelines, actions and decisions relating to the September 11, 2012 attacks on US embassies and consulates, new facts demand more probing questions. Here are a few articles and videos that may help in assembling the puzzle the Obama administration hopes we don’t put together.

American Crossroads: “Intelligence”



Gulag Bound posits a possible motive for pulling protection from the consulate, essentially abandoning the ambassador and his team – The Obama Clinton Benghazi Stalemate: ‘We all Die’

Glenn Beck offers a similar theory – Glenn was right, Libya edition: stunning new report

Megyn Kelly – White House Covering Up Fast and Furious Program in Syria Aiding Al Qaeda



Washington Times editorial – Our less than optimal president

Wall Street Journal – The Three Benghazi Timelines We Need Answers About

Weekly Standard editorial notes the press attempting to separate the Al Qaeda connection – Spinning Benghazi

CBS News has been told that, hours after the attack began, an unmanned Predator drone was sent over the U.S. mission in Benghazi, and that the drone and other reconnaissance aircraft apparently observed the final hours of the protracted battle.

CBS News – Could U.S. military have helped during Libya attack?

This 40 min. special report is a must watch: Know The TRUTH ~ Step By Step ~ Bret Baier’s ~ ‘Death and Deceit in Benghazi’ H/T Barracuda Brigade


 What’s going on here is the unraveling of a value-free foreign policy and its unintended consequences. The whole reason that the streets in Libya are not safe and the country is ruled by roving gangs of militias is because the U.S. bombed the country last year. In an unconstitutional act of war, the president alone ordered the bombing. It destroyed the Libyan military, national and local police, roads, bridges, and private homes. It facilitated the murder of our former ally Col. Qaddafi and ensured the replacement of him by a government that cannot govern.

Judge Andrew Napolitano – Who is responsible for the mess in Libya?

Some refresher articles:



“Obama and his dissembling enablers would have us believe that the pillagers of Islam have been motivated solely by an obscure film that denigrates its founder. However, the attacks in Cairo and Libya were timed to take place on the anniversary of 9/11. To imagine that this was sheer coincidence is to strain credulity past the breaking point. It’s to believe that the Holocaust never happened; that O.J. is still searching for the real killers; that Obama actually attends his intelligence briefings …” Bob Mack

Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead – Barack Obama, Agent Of Chaos

Creeping Sharia – CNN Releases Photo, Personal Info of Filmmaker; Family Forced out of Home

Hot Air – Obama: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

Left Coast Rebel – Obama knew it was a terrorist attack all along… but he flew to Vegas the next day for fundraising anyway?

The Blaze – Here’s a Recap of the House Investigation into the Benghazi Consulate Attack

Popular Mechanics – Where Are Libya’s Anti-Aircraft Missiles?

WND – This scandal could dwarf ‘Fast and Furious’

Note: I haven’t included any articles dwelling on Sec. of State Hillary Clinton taking responsibility for the lapse in security as I believe that to be distraction.

BREAKING: Intelligence Officials Report Obama Admin. Had Advance Knowledge of Embassy Attacks and Iranian Involvement

Obama administration had advance knowledge of terrorist attacks and did nothing, in fact refused to increase security at embassies.

Intelligence held back from senior officials and the public includes numerous classified reports revealing clear Iranian support for jihadists throughout the tumultuous North Africa and Middle East region, as well as notably widespread al Qaeda penetration into Egypt and Libya in the months before the deadly Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

You’ll want to read the whole thing
Revolt of the Spooks

Mr. President, the Nobel committee called…

Found on twitter H/T @maxicat

Outrage! Obama Continues Support for Muslim Brotherhood on 9/11 – Spurs Further Attacks

By now most Americans have seen or heard about the US consulates in Egypt and Libya being attacked, overrun and torched by Muslim extremists. (but I repeat myself). U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed in the attacks along with three others who haven’t been named as of this posting.

Secretary of State Clinton stated that Stevens was carried by Libyans to the hospital, but upon examining the photographs, I believe him to have been already dead and his body was barbarically paraded as a trophy. Power Line has the extremely graphic photos.

All of these so-called protests come on the heeels of the recent US drone strike which killed al Qaida’s number 2 man which, along with the historic significance of the September 11th date, prompts the obvious question: could these events be related?

British think-tank Quilliam believes so.

Another disturbing aspect of yesterday were the actions of our own president, who chose to release a You-tube video in which he claims to be praising democracy in the troubled region. My opinion though is his use of the word ‘democracy’ is merely coded language for the newly installed Muslim Brotherhood who now dominate the governments of Libya and Egypt. In the message he tells them, in effect: Carry on. I’ve got your back.

And so they have.


Oh, and speaking of Arab Spring, in addition to the 1.3 billion we already throw at Egypt’s military comes this interesting tidbit: Obama nears agreement with Muslim Brotherhood-led govt to forgive $1 Billion debt. More of our money going to fund our enemies. Sheesh!

Also at WSJ: U.S. Hones Plans for Big Bailout of Egypt

So all in all, it was a busy day for our president who did take time to tell Israeli P.M. Bibi Netanyahu that he ummm… didn’t have time to meet with him. He’s busy, y’know? Full schedule. He’s got other plans like, giving morning radio interviews with noted “Pimps” or bathing his goldfish or walking the dog to a Bar-B-Que or chatting with Letterman, or something, but you can meet with Hillary, he reportedly offered.

If I were Bibi, I wouldn’t bother. Better luck next administration, Prime Minister.

I’m tired of writing about a Muslim sympathizer. Let’s hear from a real American, shall we?

Here’s Congressman, Colonel, Allan West.

RUMSFELD: If I were Israel, I wouldn’t tell the US my plans.

H/T Instapundit


Israel Hayom reports that former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld issued a warning to Israel to keep their plans hidden from the Obama administration:

“If I were in the Israeli government, I dont think I would notify the United States government of any intent to do anything about Iran,” Rumsfeld stated. “I think that their [Israels] relationship with the United States is such that it conceivably could leak out of the United States government that he called and that he plans to do something on Iran.”


“So my guess is, given the pattern of leaks out of the White House, that any prime minister of Israel would not call the United States and give clear intentions as to what they plan to do.”

Read the rest @  Israel Hayom | Rumsfeld: Israel shouldnt tell the US before striking Iran.

Palpable Olympic Outrage: US Gets Nurses Free Health Care, Nannys – No London 7/7 Terrorism Tribute – 1972 Palestinian Massacre of Israelis Unmentionable | Maggies Notebook

History doesn’t rewrite itself. Far too often, it just gets ignored:

As I watched the Olympic Opening night performances last night, I saw lots of gleeful nurses dancing away, dancing on and on – free health care on the way for the world now that the U.S.A has joined the enslaving of citizens. I saw Nanny’s as multiple Mary Poppins descended, surely a symbol for Government everywhere, and I saw a huge and scary baby with a body that rippled. Maybe it was still in the womb. It must have had some meaning – just not sure what. I saw a young couple make eye contact in a crowd, find each other with a lost cell phone and kiss in a way you do not do in front of your parents. I knew that Al Gore didn’t really invent the Internet, but I learned that “Tim” DID invent the World Wide Web. I didn’t see a tribute to dead Munich Olympic athletes, although it was the 40th anniversary of that grievous event. I could have seen the British tribute to the dead and injured in London’s 7/7 terrorist attack, but NBC decided it wasn’t worth showing. At least someone in the media is speaking out. Bob Costas was not happy, and the word is, he took NBC executives by surprise with his comments of the insensitivity of not recognizing Munich. No tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the Palestinian massacre of Israeli Munich Olympic victims for any one across the world to see, and in the U.S., NBC edited out London’s horrific 7/7 terrorist attack and a few moments of tribute to them…

Maggie has more @ Palpable Olympic Outrage: US Gets Nurses Free Health Care, Nannys – No London 7/7 Terrorism Tribute – 1972 Palestinian Massacre of Israelis Unmentionable | Maggies Notebook.

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