Ten Buck Friday was a success in seeing a majority of Republicans elected to the Senate and Harry Reid being relegated back to the Recycling Bin of History.

But there is one Senate race still undecided in Louisiana and that’s our man Bill Cassidy against Mary “I live in Washington, D.C. but I list my residence as my parents’ basement in LA so I can vote here” Landrieu.

A runoff means more campaigning, more advertising and more expenses. While it is true that the DSCC has officially withdrawn their ad buys for their dubious candidate, I’m sure there will be a host of surrogates trying to raise money for poor Mary, so she doesn’t have to go out and get a real job. (And maybe really move in with her parents this time!)

So, I’m sure there will be tons of breathless fundraising emails about how Republicans eat babies and that’s why the want to ban all forms of birth control, and, BTW, did you know they want to replace the national anthem with Tony Orlando’s “Knock Three Times”? Crazy!

All of the sudden, after sitting on her hands for six years, Mary Landfill is a crusader for the Keystone XL pipeline. Not for getting it passed necessarily, but for bring it to a vote that she hopes will not sustain her president’s veto.

Let me congratulate all of you for kicking Harry Reid’s keister to the curb. Well done! And, unlike most politicians, I hate to keep coming back to you for money, so I promise, this is the last time!

Think of the nice warm schadenfreude feeling you got when Harry Reid was demoted. Now think of how warm and fuzzy you’ll feel going into the holidays, if we give Mary Landrieu her just desserts as well?

Let’s go the the well one last time before the holidays start taking up our time and energy, before the December runoff, and give an early present to Bill Cassidy (and yourself) of a larger majority in the US Senate.

Think how much happier Barack Obama will be at the prospect of governing in a bi-partisan manner. Actually, think of how much damage from the last six years needs to be undone over Barack Obama’s vetoes and objections.

Just ten more bucks. It’s what we honorary Koch brothers do.

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Rein In the IRS – Pictures from Beaumont, Tx Rally

At noon on Tuesday, May 21st, Southeast Texas Tea Partiers rallied in front of the Edison Building in Downtown Beaumont where the local IRS office is housed. The group came out in response to recent allegations of scrutiny by the IRS of right-wing political groups.

In an act of solidarity known as “Rein In the IRS” Tea Party members across the nation were holding similar rallies. Headed by Southeast Texas Chairman Jeff Sadighi, the group also included members of the Texas Nationalist Movement and several staff members of US Congressman Steve Stockman CD36; including Brad Lewis, David Covey, Jonathan Covey and Mike Sheeran.

Holding signs with statements such as “Intimidate Retaliate Subjugate,” “Flat Tax Now – Abolish the IRS” and “There is no Left or Right. There is only Liberty or Tyranny” the group chatted with passersby, handed out information and gave interviews to local news reporters. According to the SETX Tea Party, the event was an important one because “The IRS has crossed a line and set a precedent where individuals and their businesses may be targeted and harassed based solely on their political views or volunteer memberships.”

US News reported that the protests were originally scheduled only for Cincinnati, where the IRS has said employees responsible for the targeting were based, but Tea Party Patriots head Jenny Beth Martin received requests to protest across the country.

Here are a few pictures from the rally.

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Police Being Used to Intimidate IRS Staffers?

Cincinnati IRS “staffers have been threatened with their jobs if they are caught talking to the media.”

Via Breitbart: Armed, uniformed police officers ‘escorting’ media through IRS offices.


Southeast Texans to Protest at IRS Office in Beaumont at Noon Tomorrow 5-21-13

From the Southeast Texas Tea Party:

  • Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    12:00 PM

  • Internal Revenue Service

    350 Pine Street, Beaumont, TX (map)


    We will be out in front of the office building




Members of the Southeast Texas TEA Party will be participating in the nationwide rally initiated by the Tea Party Patriots – teapartypatriots.org


This abuse of power has has had a chilling effect, and Rush even mentioned today that it may have contributed to the reelection of President Obama.


We need a nice peaceful and well-behaved crowd there to show our disapproval of this abuse of power and attempt at intimidation of folks who want to participate in the political process.  Some suggested sign messages are below.  It is better to focus on the behavior than to have ‘anti-Obama’ signs.


Mark Levin suggests this is a great opportunity to eliminate the IRS altogether and frankly, that is an awesome idea!



Ted Cruz also agrees that the IRS needs to be abolished:



Sample Sign Waving Messages for Protests outside IRS Buildings

Audit the IRS!

Stop the targeting!

Protect the 1st Amendment!

IRS targeting must stop!

No more cover-ups from IRS!

America deserves better!

No more harassment from IRS!

Stop the IRS’s abuse of power!

Unfair and Un-Constitutional!

Protect the Constitution!

Abolish the IRS!



Timeline: According to the IG report, the IRS began targeting conservative organizations, especially Tea Party groups, in February of 2010.


The IRS agents were directed to target organizations with the words “patriot” or “tea party” in the names.


IRS Dishonesty: In 2011, the Ways & Means Committee conducted a hearing based on initial reports that conservative and Tea Party organizations were being targeted. At that time, the IRS commissioner lied and said there was absolutely no targeting taking place, even though he had already been briefed about the process and knew that it was his agency’s policy to single out conservative groups and delay or deny their application process.


Lack of Accountability: Since the public learned about this problem, there has been very little accountability taken by anyone in the Administration or in the Executive Branch. Although Steven Miller, the acting commissioner of the IRS, resigned, he testified before the Ways & Means Committee on May 17th and denied there was any political agenda or any significant wrong-doing.


Immense Scope of the Problem:

We have learned that nearly 500 groups around the country were affected by this policy of targeting conservative organizations. We are continuing to learn about other organizations that were harassed, and we are just now beginning to see that the IRS misused its audit authority to single out individuals associated with TPP, as well as their small businesses.


Challenges TPP Groups Have Experienced:

Because Tea Party Patriots groups were targeted, many were unable to raise funds and Tea Party Patriots local groups and the national group lost membership and donors as a direct consequence of this illegal practice at the IRS.


Pervasive Culture of Fear:

The IRS’s policy of targeting Tea Party groups has had a chilling effect. Dozens of TPP state coordinators have said that they were too afraid to submit their applications after they learned about what other groups were experiencing.



It is a well-known truth that the “power to tax is the power to destroy.” Tea Party Patriots groups know this by experience now.


The Internal Revenue Services is, perhaps, one of the most feared government agencies because of its immense power to audit and repossess people’s assets. The American public has the right to expect their tax laws to be enforced in a transparent and equal way, irrespective of the individual’s personal convictions or group memberships and associations.


The IRS has crossed a line and set a precedent where individuals and their businesses may be targeted and harassed based solely on their political views or volunteer memberships.


This large-scale abuse of power is illegal, unacceptable, and unconstitutional. The IRS’s actions are entirely inconsistent with our Founding Fathers’ vision for a government that would be accountable to the people.



The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, which the Supreme Court has consistently said includes the right of association. Americans have the right to form groups and associations for the purposes of political education and civic engagement.


Tea Party Patriots is a national organization that exists for the purpose of encouraging grassroots involvement in holding the government accountable. One of TPP’s core beliefs is that our government should be constitutionally limited. The IRS scandal illustrates just how important the Tea Party Patriots’ mission is.


Although TPP has been targeted and harassed over the past three years by our government, we will continue our work, educating the public about the Constitution and also reining in the scope of the federal government.



We need more answers about IRS abuse of power

On May 10th, America learned that the IRS – perhaps the most frightening of all government agencies – has been singling out and targeting conservative groups, including Tea Party groups.  This admission from the IRS confirms what many of us had already suspected.  The IRS has, in fact, been delaying our applications and harassing those of us who wanted to form local Tea Party chapter organizations.  In some extreme cases, the IRS went after Tea Party local leaders and audited their family members. President Obama said the IRS’s actions are “unacceptable.”  He’s right, but these actions are also un-American and un-Constitutional.


The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, which includes the right to political speech and the right to associate and form groups with other like-minded individuals.  The Tea Party movement, which began organically in 2010 in response to government excess, has attracted millions of regular Americans.  The Tea Party movement is, at its core, the embodiment of the American spirit.  The Tea Party movement sprang up in response to the government’s abuses of its powers, and this latest stunt from the IRS confirms for many of us why the Tea Party is so necessary.


In response to this outrageous revelation, the House Ways & Means Committee immediately held a hearing to question Steven Miller, the former acting commissioner of the IRS who resigned because of the scandal, but only one month before his term would have ended. The questions at the hearing covered a broad spectrum: When did you learn about this targeting?  What actions did you take after learning about this issue?  Why did you previously lie to the Ways & Means Committee?  Why did you mislead the American people about this problem?  But Mr. Miller is apparently suffering from temporary amnesia because the only answer he offered was: “I don’t remember.”  The systemic abuse of power that took place for nearly three years at the IRS is simply too far-reaching and widespread for Mr. Miller to get away with not remembering what took place.


Americans expect that our government will enforce its laws and rules – especially its tax laws – with fairness and equal application.   Congress needs to keep asking questions and demanding more substantive answers than the evasive responses Mr. Miller provided.


Please help us spread news of this event far and wide and please join us tomorrow in Beaumont.

Editor’s note: You need not be a member of a Tea Party to participate in the protest. The abuse of power should not be tolerated by ANY American, no matter your political stripe.

Report: IRS Tried to Swing Election Towards Obama

From Capitalism Institute

The IRS targeted liberty-oriented groups. We know this now. Obama’s response was fake “firing” someone who was going to be gone next month anyway while still trying to cover-up how deep the actual scandal went. And how deep does it go?

The IRS tried to swing the election towards Obama. As Investor’s Business Daily reports, emphasis mine, “USA Today found that in the 27 months after Feb. 2010, the IRS did not approve a single Tea Party application. Over those same months, however, dozens of applications submitted by liberal groups that were engaged in the same type of activities and were seeking the same tax status as the conservative ones sailed through the agency.”

In other words, between the midterm election and the presidential election, the IRS stopped the Tea Party from growing in order to combat Obama. In a close election, that can be the difference between victory or defeat. That’s election rigging. That’s fraud. That’s illegal. That means people should go to jail.

Read the rest here.

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