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Belly Fat Losing Secret Weapon Or Worthless Supplement?

Yohimbe bark is a popular weight loss product billed as a cure for getting rid of stubborn belly fat. The truth is, however, most dieters using the product have no idea how it is supposed to work and by what mechanism it burns fat! The truth is that yohimbe does not actually burn fat or increase metabolism, yet can still be an effective belly fat burning tool. This may seem like a contradiction, but there is a reasonable explanation for this.

Yohimbe’s path of action is actually to stimulate bloodflow to subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat directly between the skin and muscle tissue. This type of fat prevents muscles from looking defined, including your abs! This is also the stubborn type of fat that is the last to go when dieting even though losing it is most desirable for cosmetic purposes.

Stubborn belly fat is often the last type of fat to be used because under normal conditions it has a relatively low blood supply. Yohimbe, by increasing blood supply to this area, can help liberate this fat. However, note that yohimbe’s primary method of action is to help mobilize fat; it is still up to the user to induce a caloric deficit with a great training and nutrition programĀ fat decimator

Additionally, your body has a preference to burn up visceral fat first (the fat beneath the muscle) since it has a very rich blood supply. Yohimbe or no yohimbe, this fat is the first to go because it is so active due to its vast blood supply. As a result, if you are the beginning of your weight loss journey, yohimbe will do absolutely nothing for you. The best method for losing weight at the start is with a safe, proper training and diet program.

Once you have lost some fat and are getting lean, yohimbe can help mobilize the last reserves of belly fat. To simplify, if you have more then 10 pounds to lose, yohimbe is not the answer for you. However, it can be useful if you have a 4-pack and are really working hard to getting those 6-pack abs you have always wanted.

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