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Child-Friendly Lighting: Going Beyond The Night Light

Selecting the right kind of lighting for your kids’ bedroom is an important part of your decision making process. The consequences of a wrong decision – as you already know – can lead to sleepless nights for both you and your children. If worse even comes to worst, then you won’t just have tired children but their safety could also be compromised. This is a scenario that no parent would want to be in. Since this is so, it’s time that you learn what can be considered as child-friendly lighting.

More Than Mere Night Lights

All children need some kind of night light even during their sleep. Light can help them feel safer and more secure. This setup is important for kids that are in their early ages where darkness can be a worrisome experience.

Night lights are the most common solution for fear of darkness. Children who are under six months of age are still not capable of fearing the absence of light. This fear creeps in beyond six months where many children are already anxious about being separated from their parents. To add to their dilemma, the separation anxiety also comes with the absence of light when they are about to sleep, hence, they tend to associate darkness to being left alone and feeling unsafe Easuntec Unicorn Gifts Night Lights for Kids B07L2Q534H.

While not all children are afraid of the dark, it is still important to consider if the kids’ bedroom is still in need of a night light. More than fearing the darkness, children have to be safe as there are going to be instances when they need to go to the bathroom or run to your room.

Many night lights that are being sold in the market resemble famous cartoon characters and animals. Others can even change colors throughout the night, still others can project animal or celestial figures onto the ceiling.

Safety is important so make sure that you keep the night light away from any flammable materials like blankets, curtains and bedding.

Bedside lamps are the fashionable option to parents who do not want to have simple night lights for their kids. These are also useful lighting inside children’s bedrooms. Bedside lamps also come in many different designs and can provide a much better ambience.

Would you want your kids to have soothing light before sleeping? Would you want to have a stylish light as you read some bedtime stories? Bedside lamps can prepare your kids to a restful night ahead.

Just like night lights, bedside lamps come in cartoon character and animal designs. For younger kids, there are bedside lamps that are tamper proof and cover-fitted to the lampshade’s top and bottom parts. These can keep the hot bulb from burning your little ones’ exploring fingers during those moments that you are busy reading Cinderella to them.

For bigger kids that are in need of a study area inside their bedroom, you can buy study or reading lamps. These can be useful additions to kids’ bedrooms since they serve as task light for project and homework nights. This is especially useful during that age when the kids are already interested in learning how to read. You can also read a book before they doze off, just position the reading lamp onto your reading material. These will not interrupt with their sleep as they cast a warm and a relaxing aura.

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