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Top 10 Kitchen Appliances That Make Your Life Easier

With so many competing calls on our time every day, when we come home and start to prepare a meal we want to do so with the minimum fuss and the maximum ease. Luckily, many modern kitchen appliances are designed to meet that need, and there are certainly some appliances that no kitchen can do without Touch Screen Control Air Fryer B078N1L2QN.

Whether you are buying new or upgrading existing appliances, downsizing your home and need more functional equipment, leaving home or setting up on your own for the first time, or choosing a gift for someone else, it helps to think through what functions you perform most often in the kitchen and where an appliance can streamline that function for you.

A little time spent assessing your needs can save wasted money on appliances that sit in the back of the cupboard and never get used. With regularly used equipment, it often pays to consider upgrading as a newer model may quickly pay for itself in increased efficiency, saving money, resources (like water and power) and time.

Here is a quick summary of what I believe to be the top 10 most indispensable small kitchen appliances – you may want to add some (or all) to your shopping or wish list today!

Microwaves — These bench top ovens use microwave radiation to heat or cook food quickly. They are compact, super-convenient and very versatile (if you learn to do more than heat water or defrost meat in them).

Toasters — Small kitchen appliances purpose-built for toasting bread and bread products like muffins, crumpets etc. Much more energy efficient than using a stove-top grill, these are considered an essential by most households.

Dishwashers — Dishwashers take the boringly repetitive task of cleaning dishes and automates it – someone still has to load and empty it, though. Terrific for larger households. Recent models are extremely efficient in their use of resources.

Electric Kettles — Another appliance considered an essential by many. Boil water for hot drinks by running a small electric current through the base or element of the kettle. Much quicker and more efficient than boiling a bot of water on the stove.

Coffee Machines — For the coffee devotee, a home coffee machine seems indispensable. Fresh hot java in the morning at the touch of the button, and no ugly styrofoam cups.

Multi-Stack Electric Food Steamers — The biggest advantage of these devices over the stove-top method of steaming is the ability to cook different foodstuffs, for example, a piece of fish and some vegetables, at the same time without the flavour of one affecting the other. Plus, you can cook a whole meal in one unit.

Slow Cookers — Another terrific meal-in-one-pot device, the slow cooker makes up in convenience what it seems to cost in time. This appliance allows you to put the entire contents of a stew, bake or casserole into the cooker in the morning, set it on the appropriate setting and head for work. Your meal will slowly cook all day, allowing you to make the most of your time in the evening.

Turbo Convection Ovens — A great choice for roasts and baking. Due to the air circulating around the food throughout the cooking process, they cook evenly and efficiently, usually cutting about 20% off the regular cooking time. Compact and portable, you can take them camping too, or save space on a larger range.

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